General Contractors: The Dangers of Failing to Test

Sometimes it’s a matter of trying to get ahead of a changing weather pattern or season, or simply feeling the pressure to get a demolition or new construction project underway.

Sometimes it’s a (regrettable) cost-cutting decision, or a general contractor who is unfamiliar with the laws of California when it comes to environmental regulations.

Whatever the reason, beginning a demolition or new construction project without first obtaining the legally required environmental testing for asbestos, lead and other toxins is a big NO-NO!

It’s part of the permitting process and beginning without out it carries some potentially heavy consequences from the Sacramento County Air Quality District, and that’s just for starters.

In addition to being levied with a stiff and painful fine, a wider view of the danger that exists lies with not only the exposure of many workers to potentially lethal toxins, but also in the improper disposal of dirt and other materials that are likely contaminated.

What happens on a job site rarely stays on a job site in environmental terms. Toxic dust can carry for miles in a gentle breeze. Contaminated material waste is transferred to land fills, improperly disposed. Waterways and underground resources can become contaminated, making clean up nearly impossible before or after the damage is done, endangering people and wildlife alike.  And exceedingly large amounts of dirt is shifted and hauled off, transferring a possible toxic stew many miles away from its origin and creating a whole new waste site in the process.

N.A.L. understands that the general contractor needs a reliable, experienced and certified partner to ensure their environmental inspection is done properly and quickly. We’ll help you get your project moving forward and in most cases, have the reports you need within 24 hours.


We’re here for you when you need us most.  If you’re in need of immediate testing to obtain permits for your construction project, click here for a phone consult, an estimate or to schedule an appointment.



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