Environmental Testing and Reporting for an Insurance Claim

Previously known and unknown toxic environmental risks can plague a residential or commercial building owner, as well as a prospective buyer, and become an expensive cause for delays when demolition or reconstruction projects expose a new toxic risk.

Any hazardous environmental claim filed for insurance purposes will require professional assessment and testing, as well as post-abatement clearance reports.

Large commercial building and historical property owners are opting for additional Environmental InsuranceRead More

Residential Toxins Hiding in Plain Sight

Whether you’re a weekend warrior inspired to replace that old popcorn ceiling in the basement — making ready for your new man-cave, or the new owner of an impressive fixer-upper set to rival any episode of HGTV, beware that your do-it-yourself remodeling project could expose you and your family to harmful toxic environmental hazards hiding in plain sight.

Popcorn ceilings, along with the old 9-inch tiles and linoleum flooring areRead More

General Contractors: The Dangers of Failing to Test

Sometimes it’s a matter of trying to get ahead of a changing weather pattern or season, or simply feeling the pressure to get a demolition or new construction project underway.

Sometimes it’s a (regrettable) cost-cutting decision, or a general contractor who is unfamiliar with the laws of California when it comes to environmental regulations.

Whatever the reason, beginning a demolition or new construction project without first obtaining the legally required environmentalRead More

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